The Beck's Layout is Loop to Loop.

They have over 700 feet of track, code 250 over the bridges 332 everywhere else. The grades are up to 4% and the railroad starts 4' of the ground in the garage. At the top it has climbed over 12'. Operating equipment is 1:20.3 and 1:22.5. The line is battery power with Loco Linc. Most buildings are scratch built.

The BBFRRR hosted a open house on 9/08/07. It was short notice but a good crowed showed up. The only action was Shay # 5 going off the cliff, about 5'. The movie "The General" and old Buster Keyton black and white, silent movie was projected. Read the report. The Newspaper account in word format.
General Phots
Wash Out of 2006
Huge Photos 1 to 1.5meg
Entire Railroad
Our first Garden Railroad
Started 1988 Town
Along the wall
The Removal crew, 1999