Cibola Lumber and Ming Company

Boomer's 1/20.3 Cibola Lumber and Ming Company is based on the succession of lumber companies that operated in the Zuni Mountains of North West New Mexico from 1890 until 1950. The line is moderately dated at 1938. Running in a horse shoe from Santa Fe South to Albuquerque and then heading back North to Farmington it includes the fictional towns of Cibola and Broken Wheel. The layout features a double track main line with 20' radius curves and a mining loop with 2' radius curves. Future plans include a passing siding at Cibola and branch loop to servicing a stock yard and several logging camps. Total track is currently 350'. The mining loop is track powered but the mainline is battery powered. Engines use Airwire G2 decoders with Phoenix P8 sound systems.






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