The Mexican Canyon Trestle 8-20-07

Photos of a New Mexico Railroad Icon

The Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railroad has one of the most recognizable landmarks in New Mexico. It is the Trestle at Mexican Canyon on the road to Cloudcroft from Alamogordo.

The standard gauge A&SM ran steeper grades and tighter radii than most narrow gauge railroads. Grades were as steep as 6 1/2 percent and radii of 193 foot, that is 30 degree. In some cases only a switchback would work. This was a passenger, freight and mainly lumber railroad.

You can hike down the old grade and look at the Trestle. Here are some close ups of the construction for those of you who are considering trestle construction.

I will add a few more later.

Help preserve the trestle.

Look up the New Mexico Rails-to-Trails Assoc. (NMRT) and make a donation!