Blast through those LGB 1600 switches

Keeping that pilot and pesky cars on the track.


I added a longer guide rail to get the flange set before it enters the frog. The angle is way to sharp on the LGB guide rail. When you watch the flange go through, it hits the sharp angle and just walks right over the top of the guide rail.
I used an old piece of rail, cut the end at a steep angle to cozy up to the guide rails blend angle. There are 2 tabs soldered on the bottom of the rail and screwed it to the ties. This the only guide rail that needs help. It works for Aristo also.
Simple switching mechanism
The rod is 1/32" stainless steel welding (MIG) rod. I used tubing and flat stock to make the holder at the top. The spring is gentle enough for auto switching every time. You select the direction by moving the rod to the other side of the screw. Just pull it out a little and lift it up and over the screw to the other side.